The Reflex making-of

Here are some informations about how the explanation video of Reflex has been made.
The pictures which appear there are available in high quality at the end of this article.

Why a video ?

It’s been ages since I had the idea that if we look at a real function from above, there remains one remaining spatial dimension to observe complex functions.
However, it was difficult to explain this concept by words, therefore I made this video.
I also got the opportunity to add some possible applications of this representation.

Music : Reflex II

Composer: Mikaël Mayer
Length: 2’32”
Download: Score, MP3
History: The music was composed on Finale 2004, at the same time as the storyboard. It has been saved in MP3,  although it comes from a MIDI file, that’s the reason of the poor sound quality, compensated by the harmony. It was finalized in October 2007.

The presented reflex :

Special thanks

  • To my parents who sustained me and help me to have a rigorous text.
  • To my English-speaking friends who helped me to translate without too many mistakes, I hope.
  • To all who helped me during the realization of this video clip.
  • To Google for the rest…






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