Easter egg in Android Ice Cream Sandwich

I recently came accross a nice easter egg provided by the Google Android Team - as they often do it - on my galaxy tab s1.
By visiting the Settings page and typing multiple times on the version number (4.0.2), it opens an android in a sandwich.

2014-12-17 01.14.392014-12-17 01.13.58

By taping around, it gets bigger. Finally, it becomes like a kind of Nyan cat of droids without sound.

2014-12-17 01.14.552014-12-17 01.15.11

This was so funny I decided to try the same on my phone which runs on JellyBean.

2014-12-17 01.15.382014-12-17 01.15.54

Note how the jelly seems happy to draw attention from important men. The background picture is mine, not Android's of course.




Enjoy !